Who are Fergus and Henri?

Fergus and Henri started out as the nicknames we gave our cars (back when we had duo MINI Countrymen), but we eventually discovered that they had morphed into the alter-egos we had assigned ourselves whenever we would venture forth. So, over time, Fergus and Henri became us. Or we became Fergus and Henri…who knows. At any rate, the names just sort of stuck and – frankly – we think it makes a far better blog name than “The Adventures of Aaron & Lisa.”

Henri & Fergus in Sedona, AZ
Lisa & Aaron are sort of lame, but Henri & Fergus are downright FABULOUS! [Sedona, AZ]
And who, exactly, are Aaron & Lisa?

We’re a married couple with 2 grown-up kids (Taylor & Hunter) and 2 dogs (Zoe & Ike), who like to do stuff and frequently feel compelled to tell other people about it. Aaron is a self-employed photographer and Lisa is a full-time educator & part-time writer. What’s sort of interesting/unique about us is our 13-year age difference, with Henri being just a skosh older than Fergus. We’ve been married since 2005, and base camp for us is downtown Fredericksburg, Virginia.

You know, here’s the thing: Our blog is different in that we are not well-to-do, jet-setting travelers-of-the-world (not that we’re against that). Nor are we Bohemian love-child hippie granolas (not that we’re against that, either). We’re just a couple of real people, with day jobs and kids and dogs and car payments, and all of the obligations & accoutrements of real life. But we opt outside. We venture forth – together, mostly – and aim to make discovery of ourselves and the world around us a primary mission of our lives and a bedrock of our relationship. Look. If we can do it, you can do it.

Living in VA gives us amazing access to great hiking on the AT & surrounding areas!
The Original Fergus & Henri Site

We’ve been adventuring together for 15+ years, keeping track of it mostly on our individual Facebook pages like a couple of troglodytes. Decided that 2017 is the year we will begin to journal more seriously (or not so seriously, as the case may sometimes be) and prolifically about where we go and what we try. In addition to serving as our adventure diary, we hope this blog will inspire other real people to head outdoors and to try new things, and also provide some valuable information and entertainment.

Since we’re under the impression that everyone is entitled to our opinions, you’ll see reports on our outdoor adventures & gear reviews, but also some urban adventures, food reviews, things we make (successfully or not), and assorted random things.

All photos are taken by Aaron or Lisa (the GOOD ones generally by Aaron), unless otherwise noted with a photo credit.

Cast of Characters

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