Over the past few years, we have spent many, many weekends exploring the amazing wineries in Virginia, often in conjunction with a hike. So, initially, we thought of adding a section to the blog called “wine pairings,” in which we talk about the hike/vineyard combos we enjoy. But then we realized that there has been a recent boom in great distilleries and breweries in Virginia, too. And, truth be told, we pair a hike with a whiskey tasting or beer flight these days just about as often as we stop by a vineyard.

We found ourselves joined by a new wine-loving friend at Wilderness Run Winery.

So “Views & Booze” was born instead of “Wine Pairings.” Don’t expect sophisticated tasting notes. We’re not sommeliers nor do we pretend to be tasting experts. In these posts we report about which experiences we’ve enjoyed — and why — and which wines, beers, or spirits we’ve found to be favorites. We hope you’ll enjoy the posts below that chronicle our tastes in trails and libations.


  • Barrel Oak Winery
  • Copper Fox Distillery
  • Linden Vineyards
  • Old House Winery & Distillery
  • Bowman Distillery
  • Old Bust Head Brewery

(If we say, “and lots more,” will you think we’re alcoholics?!)